United Shasta Alliance - the Original USA

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This spot is great for news, announcements, tips and things. Rotate frequently.

This spot is great for news, announcements, tips and things. Rotate frequently.

socioeconomic well-being. This INCLUDES Jackson, Klamath and Josephine Oregon counties as well! The futures of the Shasta Tribe, Siskiyou county Local Family Owned Ranchers & Farmers, miners, property owners, educators and business owners are in peril if we do not UNITE and make a stand to save the Rights and Freedoms of the People who live within the boundaries of Shasta and Siskiyou county lands!

Klamath River Dam Reoval and Casino Reservation-Shopping by the Karuk Tribe and the Coquille Tribe in Yreka, CA and Medford, OR (by said interloping Tribes), which are entirely outside of their ancestral territories, will finance the extermination of the Shasta People's Customs and Cultures through soft-genocidal practices, as well as the socioeconomic destruction of the Shasta Tribe and surrounding communities and counties.
Both proposed off-reservation casino sites are within the heart Shasta Ancestral lands.

​The future of the Shasta People, as well as Siskiyou County children and grandchildren depends on Unification of the People...

Our future has been placed into the hands of those who want to destroy our way of life and the future of generations to come. The prize? WATER! Blue Gold, the new oil. Shasta Customs and Culture and the great Agrarian way of life in Siskiyou County is being exterminated in order for large corporations to profit using Tribalism, the Endangered Species Act and corrupt governing practices to steal our land, water, liberties and personal rights.

The only way to enhance our quality of life and to prosper in these frightening times is for "We the People" to UNITE and make our Voices be Heard! How? One vote at a time... A vote that actually counts!

This site is dedicated to showing you how we can take back control of Siskiyou County and Shasta Tribal lands through the People running government, NOT government ruining the People. Do NOT let your children and grandchildren be a victim before they have the ability to fight for their own rights! Please act now!
The Shasta Tribe and Siskiyou County People are under ATTACK!
The Spotted Owl scam that destroyed the N. California and S. Oregon timber industry
and drove families into poverty was round one.  Now, the same people and outside interests are using the Coho Salmon to further destroy the Shasta People and Siskiyou county's