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Klamath Basin and Rogue Valley are under ATTACK!  The Spotted Owl scam that destroyed the Oregon timber industry and drove families into poverty was only round one.  Now, the same people and interests are using the Coho Salmon to further destroy Rural America.   YOU need to watch the four videos below. The future of your children and grandchildren depend on it, because their future is being placed into the hands of those who have sworn an oath to destroy your way of life, culture and your future generations to come.

Rogue Valley Water Loss!

Karuk Tribe and Steve Kandra

can NOT promise

that Dam Removal Agreements

PROTECT Rogue Valley Water!

WaterKlamath Dam Removal, Tribalism and ESA...

Yreka, CA

Masked Karuk Tribal Members brought to Klamath Dam Removal meeting by Craig Tucker to Intimidate and Threaten Siskiyou Co. Residents into giving up Water and Property rights. (Public Profanity).

Orleans, CA
Craig Tucker and Ron Reed of the Karuk Tribe harassing Klamath River property owner.

Trout Unlimited trespassed

while filming a pro-dam removal propaganda show for television.

Congressman Tom McClintock
EXPLAINS ​Absurdity and Insanity

of Klamath Dam Removal!

Siskiyou County, CA and Klamath County, OR have already been crippled and now Jackson County, OR is currently under attack!  The outcome of the largest dam removal scam (Klamath River) in American history will set precedence on future water and property control throughout the ENTIRE United States.

Do NOT let your children and grandchildren become a VICTIM before they have the ability to fight for their own RIGHTS!